Mr Chapman's HTML5 Links

HTML 5 uses HTML, with some new tags, like the Canvas, CSS for the page layout, and Javascript for the client side logic. These links will be for learning Javascript, CSS, and HTML5.

Lisa Explains HTML here.
W3Schoools Javascript tutorials.
Web Development Page resource tutorials.
NetTuts, click on the Tutorials heading for tutorial listings.
Canvas Demos.
Aerotwist tutorials.
HTML5 games.
This young programmer has some good explanations of PHP and Javascript.
HTML5 Canvas tutorials.
html5 development tutorials.
html5 Tutorials for beginners.

Do all browsers treat HTML5 equally ?
While playing html5 games right now, you may notice that some games work perfectly in one browser but may barely load in another. The HTML5 specification is new and constantly being updated. Since there are multiple browsers, each of which is created by a different group, it’s inevitable that some browsers will be updated with the newest HTML5 features before others. This temporarily chaotic state is unavoidable and is a necessary means to achieve the ultimate goal of a truly open web experience. As the standard become more concrete, games created developed using HTML5 will become playable in any browser.