Mr. Chapman will not be at Fremont for the 2012/13 year. I will miss you! If you want, you can still email me with the link above. Sometime during the Fall, I will change this site, and you will not be able to access it anymore. Best wishes!-- August, 2012

Here a a few useful kid sites and links we use.
50 sites for schools
hackety hack
Guide to Kids sites
PBS for kids
Ask for Kids
Yahoo for Kids
Google for kids (Spuirrel Net)
Presidents list
President Presentation
Learn some HTML here.
Instructables for making things
One 3D
The Makerbot home.
Some things other people are making in
Learn to program, kid tools!
How to draw a turkey
kid search engines
Free Typing sites
Kids on AOL
Word Central
Kids learn to Blog
Computer tips for kids_by kids
Learn about wordpress
Lego Space Home...
Arcademcs online games
Multi player multiplication games

I'm quite excited about what these guys are doing

Posted by Mr. Chapman on August 22, 2012  •   • 

These guys are making a small factory that can make small solar panels that can charge our technology devices with the sun.

The Solar Pocket Factory: an Invention Adventure

Some awesome things at the MakerFaire on 5/20,5/21 in San Mateo

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The Makerfaire was a place where inventors from all over the state came to display their creations. Here were some of my favorites.

Raspberry PI, a $25 Linux computer for education
Bukobot, another new 3D printer, but with some nice improvements.
The best robotic kits at the Makerfaire.

Animals and Insects
National Geographic for Kids
Pest world for kids
Enature for Kids-Insects
Yahoo for kids-Insects
Wiki: How do insects protect themselves.
Clemson University Insect Fact sheet
Enchanted Learning (scroll to the bottom, look for Biology)
San diego Zoo.

Cybersafety Links!
Stay safe online
Brain Pop Online safety
Department of Homeland Security_Stay Safe!
Microsoft cybersecurity
Bullying Academy
Safety Tips

Note: Here are links to some of the applications we use in class. Download them at home and practice!
Get Scratch here.
Get here, but try to avoid all the misleading links
Get SmallBasic here. Careful, SmallBasic and Scratch save files with the same extension.
You can buy a copy of Typing Instructor for kids here.
Get Build your own blocks here.
Microsoft office (Word, Excel, powerpoint) can be found here.
Google Sketchup 8

Science Fair document

Scratch 2_0

After Schools Clubs
Inventors club is using the Makerbot and thingiverse(links above)
Lego Robotics uses NXT robots.
Here is a link to the nxt Robotics kit, one of the best educational toy or kit in America.
Language Immersion (Rosetta Stone) Classroom

HTML5 Drawing app

Posted by Mr. Chapman on April 15, 2012  •   • 

HTML5 is a new language for web development, that allows interactive web apps to be developed right on the web. I'm looking for some good curriculum that will teach how to learn HTML for little educational games. This example was developed here by William Malone with a tutorial on how to set this little app up:

More HTML5 links

App Inventor, now at MIT is back!

Posted by Mr. Chapman on March 19, 2012  •   • 

App Inventor was originally introduced by Google as a way for students and non-developers to make apps for the android. A few months ago they let it go, but gave the source to MIT for them to support it. The good thing is that the MIT folks also maintain Scratch. App Inventor_MIT

Check out the printrbot!

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The printrbot is just shipping this month(February, 2012)! Above is an image of the new printrbot junior. printrbot

At Thingiverse you can print lots of objects that others have designed, including much of the printrbot. thingiverse printrbot parts


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Geocaching is a wonderful hobby/activity that the whole family can participate in. It involves searching for interesting caches and locations on the web, then leaving the screen and going to search outdoors. My favorite kind involves hiking and adventures in interesting places. Geocaching

The Makerbot

Posted by Mr. Chapman on January 29, 2012  •   • 

The Makerbot is a 3D printer. 3D printers have the potential to transform the way many of us think, play, and learn. Instead of deciding what kit to buy for Christmas, we will soon be able to design our own parts and kits. The Makerbot


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The Arduino comes in several flavors. One is the Arduino Lillypad. This is an electronic circuit that you can sew into your clothes and attach sensors. It allows kids to learn about electronics in a fun way. The Arduino Lilypad